For maximum sound reduction plus special
protection against residual floor moisture


Helps quiet sounds from foot traffic. Reduces noise in today’s active households & minimizes the hollow sound associated with floating floors.


Cushioned 3mm or 1.5mm underlayment helps smooth out minor subfloor imperfections & irregularities.


Double film moisture barrier offers 2x the moisture protection of single sided foam underlayments. No additional films are required.


Easily join underlayment together with attached Peel-&-Stick tape and overlap system. Help provides a strong waterproof seal.

  • Moisture Barrier and Vapor Barrier

  • SoundShield LVT Premium 1.5MM Thick Floor Underlayment IXPE Padding with Tape

  • SoundShield MAX Premium 3MM Thick Floor Underlayment IXPE Padding with Tape

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